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26th November 2014 Wednesday 2:26pm

Big Brother

Big Brother is back! A whole new group of housemates enter the Big Brother house which has had a huge makeover and is full of secrets and tricks. One housemate will learn they have an extraordinary power as Big Brother 2014 kicks off for a stormy new season.......


With a reputation synonymous with law and order, Commissioner James Gordon is one of the crime world's greatest foes. Everyone knows the name. But what is known of Gordon's rise from rookie detective to Police Commissioner?......

Kings Cross ER

Set in the heart Sydney's most popular party district, Kings Cross E.R is filmed in one of the busiest emergency departments in Australia. From performing life-saving surgery, to treating multiple stab wounds, there's nothing this hi-calibre team cannot handle.......

David Attenborough's Life

In nature, living long enough to breed is a monumental struggle. Many animals and plants go to extremes to give themselves a chance. See a trio of Cheetahs take down a huge Ostrich, bottle-nosed dolphins trap fish and a time-lapse shows us how a Venus flytrap works.?......
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